Thursday, February 24, 2011

The County Tyrone Pipe Band

The County Tyrone Pipe Band was founded in 1930's New York City at the height of the Great Depression by immigrants from County Tyrone in Northeast Ireland. They are the oldest Irish pipers in continuous existence in North America. The band is known for having maintained its Gaelic dignity through performance and competion of Irish music on bagpipes and drums. Throughout their existence, the band has held strong to the virtues instilled by its founders: a proudly expressed Irish identity and dedication to acheiving excellence in music. These are qualities that will continue to drive the band through the 21st Century and beyond.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Washington Showstoppers

The Parade Association is proud to announce the appearance of last year's "Jim Eagen Memorial, Particpation Award" winners, The Washington Showstoppers, in this year's Parade. The Washington Showstoppers Community Marching Band was established in January 2003 to provide a positive environment and save haven for the children, teenagers and young adults living in the Washington D.C. area.